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                  [來源:www.oyoloo.com] [作者:淤泥固化] [日期:19-08-17]

                  目前,淤泥處置除還田固堤、農田改造等,還有很多手段可以推廣。如上虞春暉環保能源有限公司投資2億多建設成功的淤泥焚燒綜合利用項目,自2011年項目一期投產以來,日處理淤泥近1000噸,淤泥烘干后摻煤燃燒,接入總裝機容量125兆瓦的3臺發電機組發電,不僅淤泥得到有效處置,而且變廢為寶產生電能。又如在2014年,柯橋區與武漢路德環境科技公司合作,在齊賢鎮率先建成全省首個淤泥固化處理中心,成功解決了瓜渚湖、三江大河等重要河湖水系約70萬立方米淤泥的堆放難題,固化泥餅近30萬立方米,有效化解了河道清淤淤泥處置的難題,在全省率先實現平原河道清淤淤泥固化處置全覆蓋。 At present, there are many ways to popularize silt disposal in addition to returning fields to reinforce embankments and farmland transformation. For example, Shangyu Chunhui Environmental Energy Co., Ltd. invested more than 200 million successful construction of silt incineration comprehensive utilization project. Since the first project was put into operation in 2011, nearly 1000 tons of silt were treated. After the silt was dried, the coal was burned, and 3 generators with the capacity of 125 megawatts of total installed capacity were generated, not only the silt was effectively disposed but also abandoned. Electric energy is produced for treasure. In 2014, the Keqiao district and Wuhan Luther Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., in cooperation with the Wuhan Luther environmental science and technology company, took the lead in building the first silt curing center in Qixian town, and successfully solved the problem of 700 thousand cubic meters of mud in guhu lake and Sanjiang River and other important rivers and lakes. The solidified mud cake was nearly 300 thousand cubic meters, effectively resolving the silt silt of the river. The problem of disposal is the first to realize the full coverage of dredging, silting and disposal of plain river in the whole province. 毋庸置疑,當前,各地在淤泥處置工作中,存在河道清淤方案不科學、淤泥處置執法主體不明確、淤泥堆放處置不合理等問題。為此,以筆者之見,各地應以“河長制”管理為載體,全面落實河道治理責任主體,對河道淤泥增量實時監測,逐步建立起河道淤積情況監測系統及清淤長效機制,扎扎實實打好我市清淤攻堅戰,真正讓水活起來、清起來、美起來,推進淤泥資源化利用,把它做成一項變廢為寶的環保產業。 There is no doubt that at present, there are some problems in the disposal of silt, such as unscientific scheme of river silting, unclear law enforcement of silt disposal and unreasonable disposal of silt stacking. Therefore, in the light of the author's opinion, all localities should take the management of "river length system" as the carrier, fully implement the subject of river management responsibility, monitor the river silt increment in real time, gradually establish the monitoring system of river siltation and the long effective mechanism of siltation, and make a solid fight in the battle of our city to clean up the silt, and truly let the water live, clear up, and beauty. Get up and promote the reclamation of silt, and turn it into an environmental protection industry turning waste into treasure.


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